As a spinoff brand of Volvo, Polestar is really just getting started with their quest to be an all-electric vehicle brand. Nonetheless, they’re seeking to give the public a preview of what’s to come from Polestar with the Precept Concept. The Precept is a stunning grand tourer that relies on a whole lot of recycled parts.

From the outside, the Precept is not too far off from the Polestar 1 and Polestar 2 production vehicles. Polestar has weaved in the brand’s Thor’s Hammer design trait throughout the exterior, highlighted by very dramatic LED lights upfront. The dramatic lights are accompanied by muscular sheetmetal, particularly wide hips over the rear wheels.

Inside is a similar theme in the sense that it feels a lot like a production Volvo or Polestar interior, but simpler. There’s a strong horizontal design theme, with HVAC vents that run the distance of the dash panel, interrupted only by a massive 15″ touchscreen display resting in the middle. This display is joined by a 12.5″ panel acting as the gauge cluster.

Both displays house Polestar’s new Android based infotainment system.

Perhaps the biggest story here is the amount of recycled materials the Precept is utilizing. The seat covers are made from PET (basically plastic) bottles, while the bolsters underneath are made from recycled cork. Many of the interior plastic pieces–including the seat backs–are made from flax composites, which Polestar says is helping reduce weight by 50 percent and reduce wasted plastics by 80 percent.

Lastly, the carpet in the Precept is made from recycled fishing nets.

Polestar hasn’t provided details regarding what is powering the Precept Concept. Given the brand’s mission in life is to be a maker of electric vehicles, it’s safe to say this is a battery-electric vehicle. What Polestar is saying is that this car is “a vision of the brand’s future direction and a clear expression of intent.”

Basically, this is a thinly disguised future production car.