A battery-electric Volvo XC40 is in the works. Volvo has released several design sketches of the electrified XC40, showing off several design variances that will set this XC40 apart from the gas-powered version.

The most obvious design change for the electric XC40 is one we’ve gotten used to seeing with electric vehicles: a sealed off grille. The filled-in grille design gives the XC40 a cleaner face while also enhancing aerodynamics. Speaking of aero, changes to the lower fascia also appear to have the goal of making air glide more smoothly over it.

Another electric car trait being teased here is the addition of a front trunk (frunk), located where the internal combustion engine normal rests. Judging by the photo, this frunk will not be much larger than a cubic-foot or so, but still some added space for buyers.

The last major exterior change is the omission of tailpipes, which Volvo says gives the XC40 a cleaner design.

Inside, Volvo is expected to carbon copy the current XC40 interior. The company says the electric version will feature unique displays relating to its electric powertrain, but not to expect significant changes beyond that.

Volvo hasn’t said much thus far regarding the electric XC40’s powertrain. They have confirmed the setup will include an electric motor at each axle, enabling all-wheel-drive. Overall range is expected to be 250 miles, but EPA ratings will likely be slightly lower than that.

It is worth mentioning the CMA architecture that underpins the XC40 is also underpinning the Polestar 2, which offers a hefty 78-kWh battery pack, so it is plausible to assume a longer range version could be offered if Volvo chose to slot in the larger pack.

Volvo will reveal the electric XC40 on October 16th.