If it feels like there’s been several Volkswagen ID concept cars in recent years, it’s because there has been. At this week’s Los Angeles Auto Show VW is rolling out its seventh ID concept, the ID Space Vizzion. This one is perhaps one of the most-interesting because its a wagon and VW has already said it is previewing a future production model.

More specifically, Volkswagen is claiming the Vizzion’s design is sort of a mix between crossover and wagon, but to us this looks way more wagon than crossover. Regardless, it’s a cool-looking wagon that is 195.2-inches long.

Volkswagen’s typical ID concept design cues are all in-tow here, including fancy LED lighting and a vibrating touchpad instead of traditional door handles.

Inside, the Vizzion looks a little more production-ready than some of the earlier ID concepts. The overall design theme is simple, with a strong focus on a large touchscreen in the center stack and a small display where a traditional gauge cluster would be housed. VW says this concept is also packing its new Augmented Reality heads-up display system.

Powering this concept is a single electric motor mounted at the rear (yes, it is a rear-wheel-drive wagon) that generates 275 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque. VW does note that an additional electric motor could be added to the front axle to enable all-wheel-drive and total output of 335 horsepower. Regardless, the single-motor option will go zero to 60 mph in 5 seconds.

The motor is supplied power by a 82-kWh battery pack, enough to give the Vizzion a theoretical EPA rating of 300 miles or more of range, according to VW.

During the Vizzion’s reveal Volkswagen confirmed this vehicle is previewing one of the many battery-electric models the company has coming. Aside from confirming the production version will be sold in Europe and North America, further details are still a mystery for now.