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VW Exec: ID Buzz Concept Could Spawn Production Microbus

VW Exec: ID Buzz Concept Could Spawn Production Microbus

This week Volkswagen revealed the electric ID Buzz concept vehicle, which serves as the fifth concept version of a modern rendition of the iconic Microbus. VW has teased the return of the Microbus numerous times over the years, each time yielding no tangible production variant. However, maybe this time there’s actually a shot at it’s return.

In speaking with AutoExpress VW’s sales and marketing boss Jurgen Stackmann made it clear the German automaker is giving serious thought to producing a Microbus based on this week’s ID Buzz concept vehicle.

“I think this is the most realistic shot ever at the Microbus coming and we’ll have to see in the next few weeks how big a potential market in the US could be,” Stackmann told the publication.

He went on to assert that the ID Buzz reaction in the U.S. is essentially the barometer that will determine if it is put into production. This assertion isn’t terribly surprising given the Microbus is a cultural icon of sorts in the U.S., unlike other global markets.

“There’s no other market globally where microbus has the emotional pull that it has in the US,” Stackmann said. “It’s quite amazing and the reaction has been phenomenal.”

Reading between the tea leaves, it sounds like VW is satisfied with the response to the concept version thus far. Assuming that continues, it’s likely the Microbus may actually return this time.

Prior to the ID Buzz reveal, rumors had surfaced that VW is already planning to produce a new Microbus. The rumors point to a vehicle very similar to the ID Buzz, basically a modern interpretation of the Microbus design setting atop VW’s electric MEB platform.

If produced, it’s almost certain to be one of VW’s all-electric models.


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