VW is on the crossover offensive. To showcase what their largest crossover will look like, the dieselgate faltering is showing the T-Prime Concept GTE at this year’s Beijing Auto Show.

The concept, which looks almost production ready, looks a bit more modern and stylish compared older VW crossover concepts. The T-Prime showcases the newest technology from VW including a 375-hp plug-in hybrid with 4Motion AWD. This technology can be driven in three formats: E-Mode, Hybrid, and GTE depending on the driving style needed by the driver. The powertrain is capable of up to 31 miles on electric power.

Other technology incorporated into the vehicle includes a merged auto display and infotainment system called the Curved Interaction Display.

VW also released their product cadence for crossovers:

1) A Polo-sized crossover previewed by the T-Cross Breeze Concept
2) A Golf-sized crossover previewed by the T-Roc Concept
3) The Tiguan offered in two wheelbases (North America receives the larger)
4) A mid-size crossover previewed by the CrossBlue Concept
5) The Touareg
6) A full-size crossover shown by the T-Prime Concept GTE

All production versions should be shown over the next two years.

The production version of the T-Prime will most likely be built and offered globally including China.