Volkswagen has been pretty vocal about its EV plans and future models. That said, another future electric vehicle has been subtly confirmed by the German automaker this week. Volkswagen is planning an additional ID model designed to be a people mover.

Herbert Diess, Volkswagon’s Chairman of the Board of Management, recently spoke of VW’s new EV plans. Motor1 then found the transcript on LinkedIn. Buried within the lengthy speech is a bit about the upcoming ID.8. The Volkswagen ID.8 will be a large, eight-seater electric SUV. This is the first public mention of the ID.8 from VW, despite talking extensively about many future ID models.

Unfortunately, VW hasn’t offered a lot of details on the ID.8 just yet. One can safely assume the new model will be built atop VW’s MEB architecture. Diess also suggests this will be a global EV, which would make sense given an eight-passenger SUV would be a popular offering in North America. Though it is anyone’s guess as to when this big SUV will show up.

While a new development, this doesn’t come has a big surprise. This move continues VW’s trend of developing an ID analog to each of its existing internal combustion-powered lineup. The ID.4 is similar in size to the Tiguan, the ID.6 tracks closely to the Passat. This ID.8 will likely echo the large Atlas crossover.