As promised, Volkswagen has revealed an all-new company logo. While the logo will launch a “New Volkswagen,” it looks a lot like a throwback to a different era.

The overall iconic look of the VW logo remains intact with the new one, but this one is flat instead of the shaded, raised version VW has used in recent history. The 2D logo is also going to be restricted to being used on backgrounds that are either white or some shade of blue.

According to VW, the new logo “will allow more flexible use and will be outstandingly recognizable in digital media.”

Along with the new logo, Volkswagen will also have a logo sound for the first time. Anytime the logo appears in digital media, a specific audio will accompany it. Volkswagen says it has switched to a female voice to articulate all of its brand voiceover.

At first glance the new logo looks a lot like the one the company utilized in the 1960’s. We can’t avoid drawing the correlation between this throwback logo and the fact the iconic Microbus is returning to market next year; another icon from the 1960’s.

Volkswagen says the new logo will start appearing in Europe immediately, while it will roll out in China later this year. North and South American dealerships will start swapping out logos sometime in 2020.