Volkswagen Group is reportedly contemplating a Porsche spin off. Such a move would allow the automaker to raise cash it needs to continue developing electric vehicles.

German based Manager Magazin cites sources familiar to the conversations happening at VW to break this news. The sources state VW is considering at least a partial IPO of the Porsche brand. A partial IPO could include as much as 25 percent of the performance brand, yielding VW an estimated $24 to $30 billion in cash. Today Volkswagen owns 100 percent of the Porsche brand and has largely kept it autonomous from the rest of its operations.

Talk of spinning off portions of the massive automaker are not new. Rumors surfaced last year that VW was considering options to spin off Lamborghini. These rumors were ultimately downplayed by the company when it publicly asserted it intended to keep Lamborghini, Ducati and Bentley.

Subsequently, VW executives publicly floated the idea of spinning off Porsche back in 2018. Despite the public comment the company never proceeded with the aspiration.

Given the number of rumors around spinning off some of Volkswagen’s dozen brands, it it starting to feel increasingly likely to happen. Porsche makes a fair amount of sense for an IPO due to its independence from the rest of the sprawling VW apparatus.