Once has to search hard to find someone who had a good 2020. In the automotive world, one has to look no further than Bentley. The luxury automaker has just posted 2020 as its best-ever year for sales. Perhaps its a sign of the time: the rich are getting richer!

According to Bentley global sales increased two-percent in 2020. The increase, while modest, is against a backdrop of shrinking demand. Demand has dwindled thanks to the global COVID-19 pandemic, which actually halted Bentley production for several weeks. With the increase Bentley sold 11,206 luxury vehicles globally.

Looking at the detailed figures, the Bentayga SUV remained the brand’s most-popular vehicle. Its popularity is at least partially driven by the fact North and South America remain the company’s largest region. Meanwhile, sales in Europe declined by over 20-percent. Europe’s decline paired with an increase in the ever-important Chinese market to make China Bentley’s number-two sales region.

Bentley’s 2020 sales figure marks the highest in the company’s 101 year history, second only to 2019.