Audi is temporary halting production of the brand’s E-Tron battery-electric crossover. The halt comes amid a battery shortage parent company Volkswagen AG has seen, which is disrupting the supply chain for the E-Tron.

Bloomberg reports production of the E-Tron was halted last Thursday in VW’s Brussels, Belgium assembly plant and is slated to start back up on Tuesday. Production ceased as soon as the company realized there was going to be bottleneck due to the battery. The battery is supplied by LG Chem, who supplies EV batteries to several automakers.

Last year Audi sold 26,400 E-Trons last year. The company is in the midst of adding a Sportback version of the E-Tron in hopes of enhancing sales volumes.

What isn’t clear with this battery shortage is whether or not it is a short-term problem or something that could happen again. Regardless, the matter underscores the struggles mainstream automakers have had when it comes to producing mainstream battery-electric vehicles.