The Volkswagen ID.4 is proving fairly popular in the U.S. Volkswagen is apparently seizing on its popularity with a small price increase for the 2022 model year. While the price is increasing across the board, it does bring additional range as well.

VW says its battery-electric SUV will see a $765 price increase on all trim levels. This will bring the cost of entry on the 2022 ID.4 Pro RWD to $41,995, including a $1,195 destination charge. Subsequently, other trim level prices are as follows:

Trim LevelBase Price (w/ destination)
ID.4 Pro AWD$45,635
D.4 Pro S RWD$46,455
ID.4 Pro S AWD$50,135

Given the ID.4 is a popular vehicle, some dealerships are applying a market adjustment to the sticker price. This is an issue several automakers are contending with in a market where vehicle supplies are low.

VW has also confirmed the 2022 ID.4 will feature more range per charge, though the automaker isn’t saying exactly how much. The 2021 ID.4’s EPA range ranges 240-280 miles, which VW says will be higher in 2022. VW is also not saying how they are able to squeeze more range out of the ID.4. Charging is also getting enhanced with DC fast charging being upped from 125 kW to 135 kW, which will benefit charging speed at public chargers.

Lastly, VW has confirmed production of the ID4. will start at its assembly plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee later this year. The 2023 ID.4 will then be built stateside with some modifications versus today’s version that is imported from Europe. For example, VW says the U.S.-built SUV will feature a more “American center console.” The U.S. version will also feature a battery built by SK Innovation, whereas the European built version has a LG Chem battery.