Volkswagen’s electrification plans are so grand it’s changing its name in the U.S. to reflect as much. Despite the grand plans the German automaker has no firm plans for an electrified pickup truck in the U.S., while just about every major EV rival is already working on one. However, VW hasn’t written off the idea of an EV pickup just yet.

Appearing on the Autoline After Hours podcast, Volkswagen of America senior vice president of product marketing and strategy Hein Schafer cast some speculation surrounding an EV pickup. The executive underscored the flexibility of VW’s MEB architecture, which is underpinning the company future EV lineup.

“[The MEB] does give us potentially the opportunity to bring some kind of small midsize pickup or maybe something a little bit larger,” Schafer stated.

Schafer went on to speculate that the company could even deploy a large EV pickup on the architecture if it wanted. Stating that if it can develop a large SUV on the MEB architecture, there’s nothing standing in the way of a larger pickup.

This isn’t the first time Volkswagen executives have publicly flaunted the idea of EV pickup. Another executive socialized the idea back in 2020, calling an EV pickup a “possibility.”

Back in 2018 VW revealed the Atlas Tanoak Concept (above) at the Chicago Auto Show. While the concept was supposedly well received, company executives effectively confirmed it had no chance of going to production. Instead, executives stated they would prefer to spend the resources on an electrified variant.

Volkswagen is already developing a new, gas-powered midsize truck for global markets. This new pickup will be produced by Ford Motor Company and share its architecture with the Ford Ranger. Given Ford’s expertise in pickups and VW’s in EV’s, there seems like a logical future step for the alliance between the two automakers.