Currently the BMW derived Toyota Supra is slotted above the Toyota 86 in the Toyota sports car hierarchy, but that could change. A new rumor suggest the powers that be at Toyota aspire to slot the next-generation Toyota 86 above the Supra.

“We have to make a new 86 that surpasses the Supra. This is what the customer expects,” stated chief engineer Tetsuya Tada in an interview with Australian website MotorTada did not elaborate on what he means by the “customer expects” the 86 to be positioned above the Supra.

Despite this on-the-record discussion of a future 86, said future is not officially confirmed. There is speculation a concept version of the next-generation 86 car will be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show in October, the response of that concept will likely dictate whether or not the car is green-lighted for production.

Like the current generation, a next-generation 86 will be co-developed with Subaru. Both the 86 and next-generation Subaru BRZ are rumored to leverage the 2.4-liter four-cylinder found under the hood of the Subaru Ascent, which generates 260 horsepower. Toyota engineers are said to detest the idea of putting a forced-induction engine into the 86, of which the Ascent’s is turbocharged.

Assuming the rumors are true, expect to see a concept version of the next 86 in a few weeks. If approved, a production version of the next 86 will likely not arrive until 2021, meaning a 2022 arrival is most probable for the U.S. market.