Toyota has been late to the party when it comes to battery-electric vehicles. Despite its tardiness, the automaker is beginning to ramp up its EV program and will show its first EV model next week. The Toyota X Prologue will bow on March 17th.

There’s no questioning the teaser image is depicting an EV. The front fascia has no traditional grille opening–a hallmark of an EV. Additionally, the image shows some very dramatic LED headlights that sweep down into the front fascia. The overall hood also appears to be relatively short, suggesting this is a compact vehicle.

Toyota’s press release accompanying the image states, “Toyota is today giving a small glimpse of its upcoming X prologue.” This too suggests the X Prologue is on the smaller side.

Toyota has mentioned in the past it intends to launch a battery-electric SUV in Europe that is similar in size to the RAV4. It isn’t clear if the X Prologue is exactly that model or if this will simply be a concept exercise. It is worth mentioning this Toyota press release was not released on the U.S. media site, indicating the vehicle may not be bound for the U.S. market.

Understanding they’re late to the EV party, Toyota has six EV’s in the pipeline. All six will be built atop the e-TGNA architecture, which was co-developed with Subaru. Like most EV architectures, e-TGNA can be adapted to many vehicle sizes and can accommodate single or dual electric motors.

Stay tuned on March 17th for the full reveal of the Toyota X Prologue.