Despite being the industry darling when it comes to hybrids, Toyota has lagged in EV’s. The company is hoping to make up some ground next week by revealing a concept EV. The concept will offer a preview of the brand’s first global EV model.

At this point it probably comes as no surprise that this first EV will be an SUV. Its name is still unknown, but it is expected to be the size of the RAV4. It is also expected to be based on Toyota’s e-TGNA architecture, which will underpin a number of Toyota EV’s in the future. The actual EV powertrain is being jointly-developed by Toyota and Subaru to leverage economic scale between the two brands.

As for the teaser itself, well it doesn’t show us too much. The one thing it does confirm is that Toyota EV’s will take on a very different design direction versus Toyota’s current lineup. There’s slim, horizontal LED headlights and a grille-less face. Though this Toyota does appear to have a small air dam just under the logo, which would be a deviation from most dedicated EV’s.

This new EV will debut on April 19th at the Shanghai Motor Show. While this model is expected to ultimately be sold globally, it isn’t known yet if it will launch in the U.S.