While sub-compact MPVs are dying off in Europe, sales are going strong in Japan. To capitalize on this market, Toyota has released the new Roomy and Tank MPVs for their home market. This vehicle, sold under two nameplates, further adds to the brands exhaustive MPV lineup in Japan.

The sub-compact MPV will be exclusively sold with only one engine, a 1.0 I3 Turbo and a CVT. Interestingly enough, it is offered in both front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive.

The Roomy and Tank come with some nifty features, which is almost a given for JDM products. The long list includes a removal trash can, storage spaces galore, nearly fold flat rear seats to sleep in and a flat floor between the front and rear seats so passengers can easily pass through.

Do not expect the Roomy and Tank to make it to North America, however, it looks to be exclusively sold in Japan.

And for those wondering, Toyota Japan routinely sells the same vehicle with two, or maybe three, nameplates much like American automakers did prior the mid-1970s.

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