Toyota has issued up a strange teaser for an upcoming reveal. There’s little information to accompany said teaser, but we’re thinking automaker will reveal a new crossover on June 2nd.

The image (above) is just some sort of stylized graphic. One assumes it’s an SUV given the high roofline and exaggerated wheel arches. In fact, the wheel arches pay homage to other Toyota SUV designs, such as the RAV4. The question just becomes, which SUV is Toyota planning to reveal?

It’s anyone’s guess at this point. One possibility is the U.S. reveal of the Toyota bZ4X crossover, which was recently revealed as a concept. The bZ4X is slated to be Toyota’s first mainstream battery-electric crossover. Given the amount of media attention rivals Ford and GM have had in the U.S. by revealing their production EV’s, Toyota may be wanting in on the action.

Comparing the bZ4X to the graphic above, it does seem highly likely it is the subject of the June 2nd reveal. If not, it’s hard to guess what Toyota has up its sleeve. Thankfully, the wait is less than a week away, so stay tuned.