On Monday Toyota announced plans to invest $1.29 billion over the next four years into a new battery plant. The new facility will be in Greensboro-Randolph area of North Carolina and is slated to come online in 2025.

The Megasite facility will have four assembly lines and be capable of supplying around 800,000 batteries annually. Toyota says the new plant will create around 1,750 jobs in the area. These jobs are unlikely to be unionized given none of Toyota’s U.S. facilities are unionized, similar to other Japanese and European automakers operating in the U.S.

One big headline from this investment is that Toyota claims it will produce batteries at the plant using 100 percent sustainable energy. The automaker is not disclosing where the energy is coming from at this time, but this marks a significance given battery production has come under scrutiny for being less than kind to the environment.

Toyota says batteries produced by the plant will not only end up in EV’s, but also plug-in hybrid models. In fact, the very first batteries will be for plug-in hybrid models. Interestingly, today Toyota only has a couple plug-in models and one EV. Apparently the company intends to offer far more plug-in and EV models by 2025, when the plants goes live. That said, Toyota is not disclosing specific models that will be supplied batteries from the new facility.

This new facility will allow Toyota to gain further skills with regards to battery production. It also validates Toyota is moving toward an EV future, similar to its rivals. Ford and GM have both announced multiple battery plants in the U.S. to support an electrified lineup in the coming years.