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"Toyobaru" GT86 and BRZ Successors May Go Hybrid

"Toyobaru" GT86 and BRZ Successors May Go Hybrid

 Source:autoevolution | Publication date: Jan 22, 2017 | Author(s):Sebastian Toma

Destined for replacements by 2020, the next-generation Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ are rumored to feature hybrid powertrains.

While Toyota has confirmed that the successors of the rear-wheel drive compact coupes would not include convertible variants, little has been offered in terms of the engines, beyond the fact that the partners will continue to use Subaru’s highly-regarded Boxer engine.

However, Autoevolution is reporting that the Toyobaru twins may employ hybrid powertrains.

The site speculates that a mild-hybrid configuration could be used to limit weight or a full-hybrid drivetrain could leverage advanced battery technology developed by Toyota in conjunction with Panasonic to offer increased torque and power while reducing fuel economy.

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  1. Andrew_L
    I hope not Hybrid only. One of the key things about these cars were their lightness. Hybrids are not light.
    It seems inevitable that all powertrains will need to evolve beyond traditional ICE configurations - if only to remain topical and competitive.

    I cringe at the thought of the Trump administration giving the automakers a hall pass on fuel economy standards. If it happens, you can bank on the fact that some companies will regress and it will be 2009 all over again.
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