The end may be near for the Toyota Land Cruiser, at least in the U.S. market. Rumors have surfaced in online forums hinting that the 2021 model year will be the last one for the off-roading icon in the U.S., something dealership sources are now confirming as well.

A discussion over at enthusiast forum started the rumor, suggesting Toyota plans to axe the Land Cruiser after the 2021 model year. Since then MotorAuthority has gotten additional confirmations from unnamed dealership sources. The dealership sources go on to say that is dying after 2021 model year and there is no clear path to it returning to the U.S. market.

Despite the Land Cruiser’s alleged death, sources say its platform mate, the Lexus LS, will hang around after 2021. The Lexus will supposedly swap its current V-8 engine for a turbocharged V-6 after the Land Cruiser departs the U.S.

The death of the iconic Land Cruiser marks a significant end of an era for Toyota in the U.S. Known as the series 200, the Land Cruiser dates back to 1955 with the series 50. Over time it has garnered significant global fanfare as an off-roading icon.

The icon is supposedly not dead entirely. A series 300 Land Cruiser is due out in 2021, but at this time it appears the new version will not make its way to the U.S. market. The logic behind this is unknown until Toyota formally announces this plan, but one can plausibly assume it is related to emissions standards.