With the death of the Scion brand, Toyota was left with a few useable vehicles for the American market. As seen with the earlier announcement of the Scion FR-S becoming the Toyota 86, their other models will follow.

Ironically, the scions to the Scion iM and iA will be at Toyota, which are already badged as already elsewhere. The Scion iM will become the Toyota Corolla iM and the iA will become the Yaris iA. For those of you that do not already know, this is common sense for Toyota for these models are the Corolla and Yaris elsewhere in the world. The iM is the Corolla hatch in Australia and South Africa, while the iA is a Yaris in Mexico, Canada, and soon Brazil. The Scion iA was essentially a rebadge of a rebadge with it being based upon the third generation Mazda2 sedan.

Likewise, the Scion FR-S is the Toyota 86 globally.

Seems like Toyota is finally righting a wrong and selling their vehicles without the middleman of another brand.

Source: Autoblog