It feels like we’ve been waiting for the return of the Toyota Supra forever. Even though the actual production car is firmly slated for a reveal at the Detroit Auto Show next month, Toyota is still going to tease us all with one last concept version.

Toyota has confirmed it will reveal a race car variant of the new Supra at next month’s Tokyo Auto Salon, which happens to be just days before the Detroit show. This car will be called the Supra GT and will be a concept to showcase the Supra’s possible return to Japanese circuit racing.

Aside from the shadowy teaser above, Toyota hasn’t said much about the concept. It is clear from the photo that the Supra base car has been souped up to include a ginormous wing and other aerodynamic treatments found on circuit cars.

Expect this concept to be revealed sometime between Jan. 11th and 13th, the dates for the Toyota Auto Salon. A few days later the production car will finally be revealed in Detroit on the 14th or 15th.