In an era dominated by news of new electrified vehicles, new V-8’s seem unfathomable. Apparently Toyota isn’t ready to ditch new V-8’s just yet because a new patent drawing suggests a twin-turbo V-8 is headed into certain Lexus products.

The patent was first discovered by the folks at forum and it shows a V-8 engine block with a “hot V” layout. This means the turbochargers are nestled in the valley between the cylinder banks. This architecture typically reduces turbo lag for improved throttle response. It’s also a layout typically reserved for serious, performance-oriented vehicles.

Toyota filed the patent back in September 2020. The company isn’t saying which products could get this beefy engine, but most best guesses start with Lexus. The Lexus brand has been devoid of all-out F models for awhile now. A twin-turbo V-8 would make for a great Lexus IS F or even the rumored LC F car. It’s also worth noting that the current Lexus LS flagship sedan makes do exclusively with a V-6 engine offering, so it too could benefit from this new V-8.

Of course, just because Toyota has patented this engine doesn’t mean they will for-sure utilize it. That said, it doesn’t seem improbable that Lexus will try to make the most of its F lineup before it transitions fully to electrification. This engine could be Toyota’s last shot across the bow at gas performance vehicles and we’re all about it.

It’s unclear when this engine could show up. If a Lexus IS F is in the cards, we’d expect an announcement sometime over the next year. Otherwise a new LC is slated to show up for 2023.