Lexus’ product cadence of recent has been fairly slow. The brand has been slow to keep up with the popularity of SUVs and battery-electric vehicles. It’s a problem the brand says will soon disipate as its product pipeline is full of SUVs its dealerships have been asking for.

Lexus National Dealer Advisory Council, John Iacono recently detailed the brand’s plans with Automotive News. Iacono confirmed plans for a new “three row people mover” from Lexus. This new SUV will sit above the RX-L as the brand’s largest crossover SUV. Such a vehicle will fill a big void in the Lexus lineup and likely have ties to the Toyota Highlander, similar to the RX. Recently, rumors swirled around the possibility of a larger Grand Highlander. It’s likely this Grand Highlander and a future Lexus product will have family ties.

While a larger crossover SUV is a bit of a given for Lexus, this next future product isn’t. Iacono confirmed Lexus has plans to launch a niche off-roading SUV. Details on this low-volume model were not provided, but Lexus aims to use this product as a conduit to creating excitement around the brand.

Lastly, Iacono mentioned a future Lexus EV that has been shown to dealerships. Details of this new model were not offered, but one can likely assume it is an SUV. Lexus is expected to showcase a new EV concept later this spring. This new concept will leverage Lexus’ DIRECT4 EV powertrain, which includes electric motors at the front and rear axles. Lexus announced the DIRECT4 system with a crossover concept.

Expect to hear more details on Lexus’ electrification plans during the upcoming concept’s reveal. Meanwhile, the first of these new vehicles to hit the market will likely be the new big crossover SUV sometime next year.