Lexus won’t have to tease out the redesigned Lexus NX ahead of its reveal. Thanks to a video on YouTube, the 2022 NX has leaked in its full glory; inside and out! The video shows off a redesigned crossover with a familiar formula and significantly improved interior.

The video’s origin is still unknown, but the NX contained German license plates in the clip, suggesting a European origin. Unsurprisingly, the video was quickly removed. Also unsurprisingly, the people of Reddit snagged plenty of screenshots to keep this story alive.

Going back to the NX, the 2022 model certainly retains a familiar appearance. Even novices could realize this redesigned Lexus is the NX because it isn’t a dramatic departure from today’s model. Lexus has cleaned up the front clip by consolidating the driving lights to main bezels. The spindle grille is still massive, but its finishes seem to be clearer than today’s. Around back a new wraparound LED light bar is a hallmark indicator this is the real-deal 2022 NX.

Thankfully the interior of the 2022 NX is not quite as evolutionary as the exterior. Lexus is actually giving the insides a major overhaul, starting with a new massive touchscreen. This screen is angled toward the driver and allows Lexus to ditch its annoying touchpad user interface. The gauge cluster is also a screen now, adding to the more modern feel.

Most of Lexus’ current interiors feel sort of dated, so this 2022 NX is refreshing. By ditching the touchpad layout and some of the matte finishes Lexus has been obsessed with for the last decade, this is a significant step forward.

The only remaining mystery with the 2022 Lexus NX is what’s under the hood. At least one powertrain option is expected to be the plug-in hybrid from the Toyota RAV4 Prime. Aside from that, we’ll have to wait for the official reveal. Speaking of, the 2022 Lexus NX should be revealed later this year.