Lexus is clearly gearing up to launch something interesting. The luxury brand is continuing to tease a new F Sport model on social media. The latest teaser showing off window molding may not look like much, but it’s confirming one big piece of information.

Lexus marketers may not want to explicitly say much just yet, but that window molding is unmistakable. The photo is clearly of the Lexus IS C-pillar, which is unique amongst the Lexus product lineup. Of course, this F Sport teaser shows blacked-out molding, which isn’t something you find on the mainstream IS today.

While the subject matter is now solved, the rest of the story is still in question. Lexus has hinted of another V-8 F car, which would certainly be a headliner in the IS. The IS hasn’t had a V-8 option since the mid-2000’s, when the car attempted to compete with higher-end V-8 powered C Class and 3 Series. If the IS F Sport is getting a V-8, it would likely be the same 5.0-liter found in the other Lexus F cars.

There’s also the probability this F Sport car will debut some new twin-turbocharged V-6. Such an engine has also been rumored for Lexus F cars in recent years. A boosted V-6 would certainly be more in line with the F Sport badge, while a V-8 seems more fitting for a full F car.

Regardless of what all of this social media hoopla is about, the wait is nearly over. Lexus says it will debut this new F Sport model Feb. 22nd (tomorrow). Stay tuned to hear all about this new Lexus F Sport.