Lexus took to Twitter today to tease an upcoming F Sport model. It isn’t even entirely clear what the image contains, but it looks like it is probably an engine cover with the F Sport logo affixed. However, it’s anyone’s guess which F Sport model this is teasing.

The tweet in question simply says, “A new era of F SPORT performance vehicles is coming.” The caption could literally apply to just about any F Sport model. There have been several rumors surrounding an additional V-8 F car. However, given this image is clearly the F Sport badge and not the F badge, it is unlikely this teaser is for a new F car. Instead, it is probably this will be a V-8 powers LS F Sport or something else.

Another option would be a V-8 powered IS. Lexus offered a V-8 powered IS back in the late 2000’s as a means of combating with the Germans. While it held its own, Lexus ultimately pulled the plug on the V-8 powered IS. Given the brand has a new one to work with, perhaps it’s time to try again?

We would be remise if we didn’t also call this out. The “new era” language seems to imply something entirely different than anything with the F Sport badge today. That almost feels like this is something more meaningful than slapping a V-8 into another car. Perhaps this F Sport model is electrified in some capacity? Electrification on an F Sport car would certainly constitute a “new era.”

Time will tell as to what Lexus has in store. We expect to hear more soon.