Lexus is offering up an additional teaser of an upcoming concept vehicle. This time the luxury brand is showing off what appears to be the rear of a concept that will preview Lexus’ new direction. This concept will also be a battery-electric vehicle.

Our first look at this Lexus came back in December. At the time Lexus issues a singular view of the front clip, which suggested modified design from today’s model. Today’s teaser of the rear suggests a similar departure from today’s Lexus design language.

Today’s teaser shows off illuminated ‘Lexus’ lettering centered on the tailgate. While the lettering serves as the focal point, it is difficult not to notice the wide hips on this concept. In total, the rear design looks very aggressive and quite different from anything in the Lexus portfolio today. Looking at both images, it also appears likely this will be an SUV or crossover, which is not a huge surprise.

Sadly, not much is known about this concept beyond the two shadowy teasers. We do know this vehicle will be revealed later this quarter. We also know this will preview an upcoming production car. Lexus has also confirmed this vehicle will leverage Toyota’s Direct4 electric drive system.

This and most electrified Toyota models will be built atop Toyota’s e-TGNA architecture. The e-TGNA architecture is designed specifically for battery-electric models. Given Toyota and Lexus are largely playing catch-up when it comes to EV’s, we fully expect we’ll be seeing a lot of this architecture in the next couple of years.