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Lexus Smooths Out 2018 NX Crossover

Lexus Smooths Out 2018 NX Crossover

Lexus is giving the NX crossover a refining refresh for 2018 model year. One of the brand’s best-selling vehicles is basically getting smoothed over to look more like larger RX and slightly less garish, despite maintaining Lexus’ controversial design theme.

The new look is highlighted with revised front and rear fascias, pretty much the typical refresh treatment. A slightly revised, larger spindle grille is supposed to integrate better into the hood and headlights, while it also ditches the thick chrome border the current one offers. Around back, the vertical creases under the taillights have been softened a bit, while the rear bumper is slightly modified with new exhaust outlets.

Overall, the next exterior just looks more refined and less awkward than the 2017 NX.

Inside the NX, the changes are similarly modest. Lexus has swapped out the small 7-inch display in favor of a 10.3-inch unit. That screen is now controlled with metallic knobs and buttons, a change Lexus has been making on most recent models. The biggest change inside is apparently one that cannot be seen; Lexus says changes under the skin of the NX make it a quieter, more refined cabin than today’s version.

Lexus Safety System+ is now standard on all NX models for 2018. Basically this means things such as adaptive cruise control are now standard fare.

Despite maintaining the same 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four, the NX is getting a name change for 2018. Likely for the sake of consistency within the brand, it is now the NX300 and NX300h, versus the NX200t and NX200h.


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  1. germeezy1
    The Lexus 2.0T is one of the worst of the turbo 4 cylinders. It has no redeeming qualities.
    Still looks like a pissed off kitchen appliance, but now with the even more tacky "black/brushed aluminum" alternating look with the alloy wheels. It's horrible.

    They look slightly better with the horizontal bars across the Predator grill. The styling still keeps me from ever considering what I know is a good car. Lexus really makes good products, but their styling direction is terrible. It only really looks okay on that sports coupe. I think it will age very poorly on every other product.

    Lexus's new commercial score should include this song:

    meh still not a fan styling is still a mess
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