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Lexus LS 500h Will Bow In Geneva

Lexus LS 500h Will Bow In Geneva

Lexus has confirmed plans to reveal a hybrid version of the all-new LS sedan next month. The LS 500h is the obvious follow-up to brand’s reveal last month of the fifth-generation flagship sedan.

Along with the announcement today, Lexus also showcased a “teaser” of the 2018 LS 500h, which looks a lot like the regular version of the new LS. Aside from the hybrid badge on the side, there isn’t much visually different from the regular LS sedan.

Details of the car will have to wait until its March 7th reveal, but we do know that this car will be powered by a 3.5-liter V-6 and electric motor combination to generate a collective 354 horsepower.

Lexus revealed the all-new 2018 LS at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year. Sharing its architecture with the Lexus LC, the new LS is slightly longer than the outgoing model and lighter. The LS 500 is also powered by an all-new twin-turbo V-6 and 10-speed automatic transmission.

The 2018 LS 500 will go on sale later this year, with the hybrid variant likely to follow closely.


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  1. member12
    Love everything about the new Lexus LS.

    Except for the hideous grill. It ruins an amazing car for me.

    ...being picky, butimho, Ordinary.Hybrids are (still) ok&sufficient for mainstreamers

    but Lux requires plug-ins +tho

    having O.H's and BEVs too are fine as part of my mantra

    "Choice is the greatest Luxury"

    really hope IF the Ford Brand's e-vehicle sales drop, they switch them over to Lincoln

    also, IF the Ford Brand's e-vehicle sales doN'T drop, they ADD them to Lincoln

    I wish the Continental would(could) come out with a turbo-Plug-in

    The Lincoln rep at the Tampa Auto Show was told there would be more hybrid Lincolns a long time ago but they still only have the Z he told me he hopes the Conti gets some sort of Hybrid treatment.
    I wish the Continental would(could) come out with a turbo-Plug-in
    The last LS Hybrid got pretty pathetic FE IIRC something like 20/21 I hope this one is a lot better.
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