Say hello to the Lexus LF-Z Electrified Concept. This vehicle is previewing Lexus’ electrified future, including a new design language as the brand attempts to step up its game when it comes to EV’s.

Echoing off its parent company Toyota, the Lexus brand has been lagging competitors when it comes to battery-electric models. Lexus started showing off EV’s back in 2019, but a production car has yet to materialize. Granted, the LF-Z is also a concept vehicle, but Lexus says this one will see some form of production by 2025.

The LF-Z is underpinned with a new dedicated EV architecture. Lexus’ DIRECT4 powertrain system acts to propel the LF-Z, which uses an electric motor at each wheel. The motors can distribute power any way, making it act as front, rear or all-wheel drive. Aside from understanding the basic architecture of the powertrain, Lexus is remaining tight-lipped on technical details thus far.

Another headliner of the LF-Z is the fact Lexus says it is previewing the brand’s new design direction. At first glance it still looks like a Lexus product, but there are clear differences. Some of the differences stem from the liberation EV’s bring to designers, such as no longer needing a grille opening. In this regard, Lexus designers are using the opportunity to rethink Lexus’ controversial spindle grille design. New, parallel slim headlamps flank either side of the new grille design, also a new trait from the luxury brand.

The side profile of the LF-Z is very much in line with a coupe crossover, also a new trait for Lexus. That said, the C-pillar on this concept pays some homage to the Lexus RX, the brand’s original crossover. Around back Lexus has given the LF-Z a wrap-around taillight treatment and massive lower fascia opening that is clearly a departure from anything Lexus is doing today.

Inside the LF-Z is a dramatic departure from anything in the Lexus showroom today. There’s a yoke-style steering wheel and a driver-focused dash panel layout. Additionally, there’s few buttons the general “clean” appearance often found on a concept vehicle that likely won’t translate to production.

Lexus’ Pending Product Onslaught

Joining the LF-Z Electrified announce was a new commitment to product launches. Lexus says it will rollout 20 new or improved models by 2025. Ten of those models will be electrified, which could mean a traditional hybrid, plug-in hybrid or battery-electric model. Lexus aims to have an electrified variant of every model by 2025, with the majority of its sales of electric models by that date.

Lexus set a broader goal of becoming a totally carbon-neutral brand by 2050. This neutrality will follow the entire vehicle lifecycle and aligns with goals set by other automakers.