Tesla has already announced changes to its Cybertruck’s launch timing. The electric automaker now says the high-end Tri Motor Cybertruck will launch sometime in 2021, earlier than previously announced. Meanwhile, other versions of the Cybertruck will be delayed.

This announcement is basically a reversal of the launch cadence announced when the Cybertruck was revealed a few weeks ago. At the reveal, Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated production would commence in 2021 with the Single Motor version, followed by the Dual Motor truck. Production of the Tri Motor would be the last to start in 2022.

Now, Tesla is saying the Tri Motor will be the first to start production in 2021, while the lesser versions will launch later.

The launch change does not come as a significant shock. Tesla made a similar change on the Model 3 rollout; prioritizing the most expensive versions of the car to launch first, leaving the least expensive versions to launch last.

As a recap, the Single Motor Cybertruck will have around 250 miles of range with a starting price of $39,900. Opting for the Dual Motor version will yield above 300 miles of range with a starting price of $49,900. Buyers going all-in on the Cybertruck will find the Tri Motor option with over 500 miles of range with a starting price of $69,900.