Elon Musk says the company will soon enable faster charging at its network of Superchargers. The chief executive took to Twitter to confirm plans to increase charging speed from 250 kW to 300 kW soon, though details are still unclear.

This sudden interest in increasing charging speed likely comes at least in part by new competition. Several automakers have released new electric vehicles capable of charging at rates faster than 250 kW, including the Hyundai Ionic 5. New competition is almost certainly motivating them a bit here.

Tesla has upgraded its Supercharger network in the past. In fact, during the upgrade from 150 kW to 250 kW it was speculated the company would move into the 300 range. They ended with 250 kW at the time, which is the current known limit for all of their products. Which brings us to our other big question: which product will leverage 300 kW charging?

Updated versions of the Model S and Model X feature new battery packs. Tesla has not confirmed if the charging rate max on these new packs will vary from their other models, but that is a possibility. If not, the 300 kW charging ability may be of little use until a future Tesla capable of leveraging it launches.

Many EV’s in the industry are expected to jump to 350 kW charging speed, not 300 kW. It’s unclear why Tesla is taking a more incremental approach. Fast-charging is widely believed to stress the battery further, which may be driving the more incremental approach here.

Musk offered no timeline as to when Tesla will upgrade its Supercharger network.