During yesterday’s announcement of the Tesla Semi, company founder and CEO pulled out a surprise announcement. As sort of a bookend to yesterday’s event, Elon Musk announced that the Tesla Roadster is returning. This time the Tesla Roadster will offer 7,375 pound-feet of torque and do 250 mph (yes, you read that right).

The new Roadster has matured quite significantly from the first version, a correlation with the company itself. This version actually looks like a fully-designed car, versus the first one that was sort of a hacked together Lotus. And it is quite beautiful.

There are some changes in setup from the first Roadster, as well. This one is more of a targa style with a removable roof panel. Additionally, Tesla says this one offers 2+2 seating, meaning two humans can (in theory) squeeze in the back.

Tesla says the new Roadster will be powered by a 200-kWh battery pack, which is enough juice to feed three electric motors; one on the front axle and two on the rear, meaning the Roadster is effectively all-wheel-drive. The total power system is supposedly good for 620 miles of range and a staggering zero to 60 mph time of just under 2.0 seconds.

Naturally, this new Tesla Roadster isn’t going to come cheap. Tesla is saying it will cost $200,000, while the first 1,000 units will actually be $250,000 as part of a “Founder’s Series” edition. If you’re interested in one, you can put down a $50,000 deposit today for it.

Tesla is quoting 2020 as the timeframe for putting the Roadster into production. Given Tesla’s history with production targets, we should probably take that bit of news with a grain of salt.