Tesla has become notorious with delayed production, but the electric automaker is hoping to chance that perception with its upcoming Model Y crossover. The company says the Model Y is on pace to start production early than expected next year.

According to Tesla, Model Y production will now start in summer 2020. This is a move-ahead of a few months from the original timeline the company offered when it announced the Model Y. The Model Y is effectively a taller version of the Model 3 sedan with many shared components, this is likely making production slightly easier.

“Model Y equipment installation is underway in advance of the planned launch next year. We are moving faster than initially planned, using learnings and efficiencies gained from our Gigafactory Shanghai factory design,” Tesla explained.

The Model Y will be the fifth Tesla product produced at the company’s Fremont, California assembly plant. Eventually the Model Y will also be produced at the company’s upcoming Shanghai, China assembly plant as well.

News of the Model Y being ahead of schedule came out during the company’s third quarter earnings release, which included Tesla announcing it generated $6.3 billion in revenue during Q3. Tesla also disclosed it plans to produce “limited volumes” of the Tesla Semi in 2020.