It seems that Tesla is in the news every week anymore. This week the company is rolling out updates to the company’s first model, the Model S sedan. These updates include design changes to the Model S exterior, including a revised front fascia that brings the design more in line with the Model X and newly revealed Model 3.

Up front the (lack of) a grille is now part of the Model S, as are revised headlamps that look more similar to the Model X’s. Essentially that is the gist of the exterior changes, while the interior is receiving minor updates such as new wood trim.

The bigger news here is that the Model S will now come with a 48-amp charger. This trend started with the Model X, so it isn’t much of a surprise that they’ve trickled this enhancement down to the Model S. Additional amps equates to a faster charge time for owners who have the amps to work with.

As always, Tesla will also roll out software updates which occur on the vehicles over-the-air like a smartphone.

Tesla doesn’t really stick to model years, instead the company just updates their vehicles as updates are ready – much like a technology company. So these updates basically apply to the Model S from this point forward.