One of Tesla’s biggest assets is its vast, global Supercharger network. To date the company has reserved its EV charging network for its own models, but that is changing later this year. CEO Elon Musk says the company will open up its chargers to other brands.

As is usually the case with Tesla news, the confirmation came from Musk’s Twitter account. In a response to a tweet about the company’s charging network Musk replied, “We’re making our Supercharger network open to other EVs later this year.”

In a later tweet he confirmed the move isn’t exclusive to North American chargers.

Tesla models sold in North America are equipped with a proprietary charging port. This stems from the fact that there was no industry standard when the company’s initial models launched. This means owners of non-Tesla EV’s will need some sort of adapter in order to leverage Tesla’s Superchargers. It isn’t clear if Tesla will sell an adapter or if adapters will come via third party suppliers.

In Europe Tesla models use the CCS standard charger, so there are no compatibility issues with other EV’s there.

Tesla has over 25,000 chargers at around 2,700 charging stations globally. The vast network is a huge advantage for the company’s owners.