Tesla has become notorious for failing to achieve their own launch targets in recent years. Almost every new product has seen some form of delay; big and small. Well, Tesla may be reversing the trend with the upcoming Model Y.

Sources are reporting the new Tesla crossover could start arriving to Tesla stores within two weeks. Customers have reported on Twitter that Tesla stores are beginning to tell prospective customers the two-week timeline.

Originally the Model Y was to arrive this fall, but Tesla then moved the launch timeline ahead by three months. Given the bullishness of Tesla regarding the Model Y’s timeline, it isn’t all that surprising it may start arriving in the next few weeks.

The Model Y is basically a Model 3 sedan with a higher roofline and hatchback. Given the high amount of shared parts between the two, it doesn’t come that surprising that Tesla is able to hustle it out fairly quickly.

Once the Model Y hits Tesla stores, it will carry a base price of $43,700 for the rear-wheel-drive Long Range model. Tesla hopes the Model Y will ultimately be the brand’s highest-volume product in short order.