While Tesla has been busy trying to churn out new nameplate, its original Model S and Model X have grown stale. Tesla apparently recognizes this as the company has formally revealed a refreshed version of its Model S sedan. The first major Model S update brings an all-new interior and new powertrains, but a largely unchanged exterior.

The most radical change to the Model S is on the inside. Tesla has effectively swapped out the entire interior with a new look. The new look is very similar to the simple, sparse interior of the Model 3. There’s a new, horizontal screen that serves as the focal point, but unlike the Model 3, Tesla has maintained a gauge cluster screen. While the bigger screen may capture your attention, nothing does quite like the steering wheel.

Actually, it’s not really a steering wheel. Tesla calls the new wheel a yoke, something you find inside the cockpit of an aircraft, not a car. Tesla says the yoke design is the best for those who want to drive or be driven, a nod to the fact the company is playing up its Autopilot system.

Rounding out the interior changes is a new screen for rear-seat passengers. This display will allow rear-seat passengers the ability to control entertainment and climate, as well as be entertained with videos and games. All passengers will also enjoy a new totally glass roof.

On the outside the Model S is still very identifiable as a Model S. Tesla has updated the fascias and deleted some of the chrome on various trim levels, but it is generally very carryover from today’s.

Power Via Plaid+

The new Model S is also bringing over new trim levels. The base car is referred to as the Model S Long Range, which will start at $79,990. Long Range will offer 412 miles of electric range. Tesla is swapping out the current Performance model with a new Model S Plaid, which will start at $119,990 and offer 390 miles of range.

The big news from a powertrain perspective here is a new Plaid+ iteration of the Model S. Launching later this year, the Model S Plaid+ will feature Tesla’s new battery cell technology. At this point the company is claiming the Plaid+ version will offer an impressive 520+ miles of range per charge. Also impressive is an alleged zero to 60 mph time of less than 1.99 seconds. Such power and speed will set buyers back by $139,990.

Tesla says production of the refreshed Model S will commence sometime this quarter.