This morning Tesla announced that pre-orders for the company’s upcoming Model 3 electric sedan have surpassed 325,000 units. The company equates that to a future sales value of $14 billion, which of course assumes all 325,000 hand-raisers translate into hard sales as the car begins to launch next year.

If the company’s numbers are correct, the Model 3 launch will be the most successful product launch in history. It also means those dedicated fans that waited in line on launch day last week may end up having the last laugh as one of the first to acquire one as the wait time is probably going to be staggering.

Tesla’s announcement today is probably laced with a bit of strategy. Reports suggest the company is going to have to raise additional capital to launch the Model 3. The future expectations of over 325,000 committed customers will likely aid in Tesla’s ability to sweet talk Wall Street in to throwing them the necessary funding.