Tesla isn’t exactly known to have the best relationship with the press and apparently they recognize it. The electric automaker has reportedly dissolved its public relations team, confirming why journalists have gone months without hearing from Tesla.

Multiple outlets are reporting that an unnamed source inside Tesla confirmed the company has dismantled its PR team. Electrek took it a step further by tracking down all of Tesla’s previous PR team on LinkedIn, finding that all of them have either left the automaker or have taken on new roles unrelated to public relations.

This move isn’t entirely surprising. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has repeatedly asserted that the media does not treat Tesla fairly. The unorthodox CEO also has a propensity to respond to journalists and critics himself on Twitter, though it’s unlikely he has the bandwidth to answer 100% of inquiries.

Therein lies the potential problem for Tesla in dissolving its PR team. There’s now no one tasks with correcting reports that are indeed inaccurate about the company. Inaccurate reporting has ramifications beyond just misinformation; it can impact the stock price and confuse Tesla’s investors.

As with all things Tesla, this is subject to change in short order.