During Tesla’s second quarter earnings call the company disclosed its Cybertruck will be delayed. Now the company has disclosed further details of the delay. On a recent company all-hands, CEO Elon Musk told the company the Cybertruck won’t commence production until late 2022.

Citing a ‘glitch in the matrix,’ Musk went on to add that he doesn’t expect any meaningful Cybertruck production volumes until 2023, according to Electrek. This likely means the company will attempt to build a few units at the tail end of 2022 just say they started production in 2022. Keep in mind Tesla originally promised Cybertruck production would start in 2021 back when the truck was revealed in 2019.

Insiders say the final engineering design for the Cybertruck was only recently finalized. Subsequently, Musk noted in the all-hands that some new features on the Cybertruck will complicate production. Specifically the steel exoskeleton body will make manufacturing a challenge. These comments don’t bode will for a company that has consistently struggled with manufacturing.

This marks yet another instance of Tesla and Musk failing to fulfill on years-long promises when it comes to products. The second-generation Roadster and Semi are also on the list of Tesla products that still do not have clear production timelines.