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EPA Reveals Tesla Model 3's Battery Capacity

EPA Reveals Tesla Model 3's Battery Capacity

Although Tesla has officially rolled out the production Model 3 sedan, some details have still remained unknown. Today additional technical details have been uncovered thanks to the Environmental Protection Agency’s disclosure of the Model 3’s certification forms.

Chief among the details is the capacity of the Model 3’s lithium-ion battery pack. According to the EPA, the long-range Model 3 features an 80.5-kWh pack, allowing it to go up to 310 miles per charge. At 80.5-kWh, the Model 3 pack is just above the base 75-kWh pack found in the Model S and Model X.

Right now only the long-range Model 3 is available for a starting price of $44,000. Tesla plans to roll out the entry level Model 3 with a smaller capacity battery pack and subsequently less range for a base price of $35,000. So far the EPA has not released certification documents for the base Model 3, meaning the battery capacity is unknown.

In addition to the battery capacity on the long-range model, the EPA has also released motor specifics. The agency reports the Model 3 is powered by a 258 horsepower AC three-phase electric motor that sends power to the rear wheels. This is enough power to propel the Model from zero to 60 mph in about 5.1 seconds, according to Tesla.

In addition to the long-range model already available, Tesla has also confirmed plans to add a performance version of the Model 3 sometime next year. That model will likely have dual-motors, similar to the company’s high-end models.



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