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$35,000 Tesla Model 3 Now Exists

$35,000 Tesla Model 3 Now Exists

It feels like forever ago that Tesla announced plans to rollout a $35,000 electric car. Well, finally the company has (sort of) made good with its original promise by making a new base Model 3 that starts at $35,000.

Thursday the company announced availability of the new base model, which includes a battery-electric range of 220-miles. It’s also worth mentioning the car’s price after mandatory destination charges is $36,200 instead of the headline $35,000.

For the price of entry, base model buyers will gain a tinted glass roof, power-folding side mirrors, forward collision alert, lane departure warning, side-collision warning and blind-spot monitors. It probably goes without saying that the interior is fairly basic in the new base model, down to cloth seating surfaces.

Despite the company’s original promise to launch a $35,000 Model 3, Tesla says the new base model is made possible only be recent moves the company has made to drive efficiencies. For example, Tesla is moving all sales globally to its online channel; a move it says is reducing costs by six-percent.  Tesla is also changing how it services vehicles; focusing on same-day service and servicing vehicles at customer locations versus service centers.



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  1. tripowergto
    ...just don't expect a test drive as they close down their retail locations.
    It’s a major face palm for me after seeing what you get for 35k which isn’t exactly cheap, like let’s say a 18k car would be. Seeing how the packages line up for the Model 3 40k is the real base price in my eyes. That includes autopilot as well.
    I'm pretty cheap, so I wonder how these will hold their value as a used car. Some will depend on how quickly batteries fall in price (and whether improved batteries can be retrofitted at an affordable price). As an enthusiast, the idea of driving something new, with an incredibly flat torque curve and the ability to control weight transfer with one foot is really intriguing. I find myself more interested in something like this than another ICE vehicle, even with the tradeoffs in terms of range and recharging. Almost enough to forgo my usual cheapness and consider buying new. Almost :-)
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