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Tesla Building The Largest Battery System In The World
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Tesla Building The Largest Battery System In The World

Tesla, Inc. has been awarded a contract to build the largest battery system in the world. The electric car maker recently joined 91 other companies in a bid to build a 100-megawatt battery plant in South Australia, which will be the largest every built.

Perhaps it comes as little surprise that Tesla and billionaire founder Elon Musk managed to win this particular contract. Months ago Musk tweeted a brazen statement regarding the proposed power project: Tesla would be able to finish the system within 100 days or he’d do it for free.

Apparently none of the other bidders were willing to draw a line in the sand when it comes to construction of the largest battery facility in the world, so Tesla got the contract. Musk has tweeted this week that the legal contract for the job will include a 100-day window to complete the project or Tesla will shred the bill. The value of the project if Tesla meets the 100-day deadline has not been disclosed.

With 100-megawatts, the proposed battery plant will be able to provide power to about 30,000 homes in South Australia. The region has been plagued by power issues due to severe storms; this plant should alleviate their commercial power issues by being able to supply power during periods of peak demand. When demand is at its peak, power will flow from Tesla’s batteries at the new facility.

While the scale of this facility is at a never-before-seen level, this isn’t Tesla first foray into commercial power. The company already offers residential customers their Powerwall battery pack, which can store energy for home use. Tesla has also partnered with other commercial electric utilities regarding similar systems.

Tesla’s 129-Mwh lithium-ion battery pack will be charged via energy generated from a wind farm also located in South Australia. The system is about three times larger than the closest existing battery system.





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    This is the missing piece with renewables -- a cost-effective way to store energy and decouple generation (which happens when it happens) and demand. Plus, it's fun that Elon is taking his marketing cues from pizza delivery places!
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