Hyundai is doubling-down on its existing relationship with graphics expert Nvidia. The automaker says all future products across all its brands will leverage the Nvidia Drive infotainment platform starting in 2022.

Nvidia Drive is not new to Hyundai. The Genesis G80 and GV80 already feature a variation of Nvidia Drive, which includes a full hardware and software suite to control audio, climate, navigation and connected car services. Drive also includes a constant connection to a data center (cloud connectivity) and the ability for Hyundai to push over-the-air software updates to the system over the life of the vehicle.

Hyundai says the fancy infotainment system will not be reserved just for its Genesis models. All future products from Hyundai, Kia and Genesis will receive Nvidia Drive hardware and software.

“At Hyundai Motor Group, we’re committed to delivering greater value, safety, functionality and enjoyment over the lifetime of the car,” senior vice president of the Electronics Tech Unit at Hyundai Motor Group, Paul Choo said. “The NVIDIA DRIVE platform is proven — it is scalable, energy-efficient and has the performance to support our next generation of software-defined vehicles.”