The use of biometrics is nothing new when it comes to physical security, but the technology has largely be void in automotive. Hyundai is hoping to change that with an announcement that it will allow owners to use their fingerprint to unlock and start their vehicle in China.

At last week’s Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition Hyundai displayed a 2019 Santa Fe with the fingerprint technology. The vehicle has a fingerprint scanner on the door handle and the start button.

Hyundai says the hardware behind it leverages capacitive technology, meaning the scanner is reading the electrical signals in your fingerprint. The use of this technology should alleviate concerns associated with durability under extreme conditions; a most if the technology is going to be relied upon by owners instead of carrying a key fob.

Speaking of durability, Hyundai says the system has a 1 in 50,000 chance of failing.

Right now, The Korea Herald reports the fingerprint access system will for sure be offered on the new Santa Fe in China. It is not yet known if Hyundai plans to ultimately launch the technology in other global markets, including the U.S.