Honda has inked a deal with AT&T to provide families additional in-car entertainment. The deal allows Honda and Acura owners the ability to utilize AT&T’s WarnerMedia RIDE app to stream shows via the vehicle’s Wi-Fi.

Many Honda and Acura products have offered in-vehicle Wi-Fi service since 2017. This service is provided by AT&T’s cellular network. Today’s announcement is just an extension of Honda’s existing relationship with the telecommunications company to include the RIDE entertainment app.

Honda and Acura owners with an AT&T unlimited plan can download the WarnerMedia RIDE app on their mobile device. Once connected to the in-car Wi-Fi passengers can stream a multitude of content via the app. The app includes content from Cartoon Network, CNN, HBO Max, TBS, TNT and TruTV. With so many brands included, WarnerMedia says there is content for all ages and interests.

The RIDE app also allows owners to setup multiple profiles, enabling parental controls in a way similar to other streaming services. The app automatically logs in when it detects AT&T Wi-Fi.

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