Ford Motor Company is nearing the rollout of its next-generation SYNC infotainment system. Dubbed SYNC4, the update is cloud-connected and focused on providing users a great experience on any screen size.

SYNC4 has nearly twice the computing capacity as today’s SYNC3. The new-generation version is also constantly connected to the cloud, enabling the system to have frequently-updated navigation mapping and natural voice recognition; two features already found on many competitor systems.

Perhaps the most noticeable change is with the user interface. Ford has totally redesigned the UI for SYNC4 and it is adding back some of the fancy design that was lost when Ford did a hard reboot from MyFord Touch to SYNC3. The UI is tailored for each screen size that will house it.

“No matter what size screen Ford customers choose, they will be getting an experience tailor-made for their vehicle,” said Gary Jablonski, chief engineer for SYNC technology, Ford Motor Company. “SYNC 4 puts these high-definition screens to work not only by offering even crisper displays, but also by making driving easier with new multi-tasking capabilities.”

The system will be available with 8-, 12- and portrait-oriented 15.5-inch touchscreen displays, all of which will seize on the added real estate with what Ford calls Adaptive Dash Cards. These cards will feature recently used or popular features on the system, replacing the need of having to navigate menus. Users can also split the screen a variety of ways.

Another highlight of SYNC4 is that it will be compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto via wireless connections. SYNC3 is only compatible when the phone is plugged into the car’s USB port.

SYNC4 will start arriving on select 2020 Ford vehicles, but Ford has not detailed exactly which model will be the first to offer it.