BMW and Microsoft have announced plans to launch a new open source platform for in-vehicle virtual assistants. The new platform will make BMW’s current virtual assistant more personalized and sound more natural in the future.

BMW’s existing Intelligent Personal Assistant is already powered by the Microsoft Azure platform. The Azure platform has artificial intelligence built in, allowing BMW’s assistant to already improve based on previous interactions.

Microsoft and BMW are now working to take the platform even further and make it open source, a move that would allow the artificial intelligent to get “smarter” faster.

Right now BMW customers can simply ask the assistant to handle things inside the car, such as the HVAC or navigation system. BMW’s hope is to make the Internet-connected assistant smart enough to manage customers’ lives beyond just in-vehicle commands. For example, BMW customers could leverage the assistant to book appointments for them.

Given the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is cloud-based, expect improvements to constantly trickle down to current vehicles equipped with the assistant. BMW and Microsoft have not offered a firm timeline of assistant’s evolution of capabilities.